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WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress Timeline Themes, Cool Facebook Inspired Content Timelines

Timeline themes for WordPress are extremely popular nowadays and it is plain as day to determine why. They are familiar to those people who use Facebook frequently and the design lends itself to simple to absorb information and a fantastic design on mobile or desktop devices. The Facebook interface was widely popular and widely used by countless individuals. All these themes are working like Facebook deadline and supplying more features to ...
WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress GPL Themes, Open Source Licensed, 100% GPL

We’ve gathered up all of the very best GPL themes for you to enjoy.  These themes are an incredible way to get a site up and running quickly. If you’re on the website ThemeForest, you can look for the little tag that says ‘This item is licensed 100% GPL’.  If you’re somewhere else, you’re going to have to do a little more work, but that’s all part of the fun.  Or, just bookmark this page and check ...
WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress Video Themes, Multimedia, vLog, Embedded or Self Hosted

Regardless of whether you are embedding videos from your website or hosting them, WordPress is the perfect solution for creating a site with content that is persuasive. That is what we’ve kept in mind if you’re searching for movie WordPress themes. Multimedia is unbelievably big nowadays, it is a strong and enjoyable way to interact with your readers turning them into audiences. From movie magazines to movie blogs, news websites ...
WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress Portfolio Themes, Fresh, Creative and Professional

There are plenty of websites out there competing to catch a share of traffic, folks trying to lure in eyes to their portfolio. If you want a big share of the attention, you’ll require a superb portfolio WordPress theme to stand out from the crowd, to make your work look as good as it can and to really, truly set yourself apart from the competition.  That is exactly what this selection of portfolio WordPress themes is all about. You ...
WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress Pinterest Themes, Grid Layout, Social Network Inspired

This collection of WordPress Pinterest style themes aims to please and we know you’re going to find something you adore.  We’ve gathered up the best themes that have that Pinterest style, you know, a masonry grid that is infinitely loading?  Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks and people love the way the page looks, since all of your content is at the forefront and users can navigate through your content ...
WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress Fundraising Themes

This WordPress theme collection is all about raising money online.  Fundraising is obviously a massive part of running a charity or non-profit business, so a great theme is critical.  We’ve found the absolute best WordPress fundraising themes around in this collection.  If you need a great theme for helping you meet your goals, one of these great themes could really help. Maisha Maisha is a nonprofit or charity WordPress web template ...
Free WordPress Themes, WordPress Theme Collections

Free WordPress Themes, Blogs, Magazines, Portfolios and eCommerce

This is our collection of free WordPress themes, produced by the team here at Templified.  We’ve got some amazing ideas on how to make the best quality WordPress themes and offer them up for absolutely nothing.  You gotta start someplace, so why not start here?  Okay, here we go, the best free WordPress themes around.  We’ll also add links to high quality themes produced by other theme makers too, so you’ll have an amazing ...
WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress Personal Blog Themes, Photoblogging, Fashion, Travel and Experiences

We’ve gathered up all of the best WordPress personal blog themes around, so if you’re looking at spreading your blogging wings, it really doesn’t matter what topic grabs your interest or what kind of readers you’re targeting.  If you want to express yourself in an online journal or if you want to blog about your travels, we’ve found some pretty great options for you.  If you’re trying to make money or if ...
WordPress Theme Collections

Minimalist WordPress Portfolio Themes, Mobile Friendly and Artistic Portfolios

Looking for the absolute best WordPress minimal portfolio themes?  You’re definitely in the right place, we’ve gathered up all the best in this collection. There’s no doubt about it, minimal WordPress portfolio themes are an absolutely wonderful solution for business websites, personal or corporate blogs, online portfolios, magazines and really any sort of website that needs a simple, sleek, sleek and straight-forward ...
WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress Artist Themes, Art Gallery and Artistic Portfolios

Artists need a great portfolio theme and in this day and age, that’s more important than ever.  That’s where this collection comes in.  Highlight your latest works of art, photography and design with a finely crafted WordPress portfolio theme.  We select only the best, so you know you’re going to get a great theme if it’s here on Theme It.  Artists need to make a wonderful first impression and a well made theme is a fantastic way of doing ...